False flag is the new fad

I find it amusing the way people from all over the world have fallen for the globalist/international propaganda for so many decades. It’s like there’s still this fundamental, basic belief in authority figures, as if they had access to better information than us plebs do or as if they live in a higher state of consciousness. The truth is, of course, people in the media and the government are just as animalistic and horny as we the people are.

I suppose it’s rooted in the programming we get as kids, in which respect for the elders is of utmost importance. This programming or belief or indoctrination, if you will, made sense in a community were you could go and punch the leader if you felt he deserved it. Just being able to punch your leader makes him hesitant of abusing the people he has control over. So in a community of population <2000 this “respect the authority” mindset did make a lot of sense.

Fast forward tens of thousands of years in human evolution and you end up with some whore (male or female) on TV telling you how outrageous you need to feel about some supposed tragedy or genocide. Or chemical attack. Especially if it’s been done by a cruel dictator that needs to be taken down and replaced by some other political system, because of course, we westerners know better than you what your country needs.

Needless to say, Bashar al-Assad might have actually carried out that chemical attack. I don’t know for sure. I’m just an irrelevant Latino some 10,000 miles away from the conflict. What I do know is that it reeks of a false flag attack, one out of the many that have been done in modern and post-modern history (and herstory!). Syria is a strategic country form a geopolitical standpoint. Losing Syria to the communists Russians is a big no-no and “we” will do whatever it takes to stop it from happening. I mean, if we don’t keep them in check those cheeky bastards might even begin trading oil in other than dollars or euros, the savages! (Side note, it would be truly surreal if bitcoin or another cryptocurrency became the oil-trading standard).

I’m not in the mood for predictions but since the middle east is running dry after so many decades of conflicts, the industrial-war complex (i.e. deep state) might feel like shifting places. North Korea seems like the next logical choice. China is not willing to risk losing its key partner (the US) just to help a country that’s an anomaly in itself, a country belonging to a long-forgotten cold-war era. Anyway, sorry Kim Jong-un, Juche ideology might not be enough to save you. Although if it happens -even for the wrong reasons- I’d say good riddance.