Ungoogled Android and Unmicrosofted Windows

It’s really hard for me to understand how little attention is given to projects attempting to remove any unwanted traces from an Operating System created from a major corporation like Google or Microsoft. And by that I mean projects like ReactOS and Lineage. Our systems are so dependent on Windows and Android that I fail to see how re-implementing those as libre (free) OSs is not a top priority.

Although Android itself is open source, assembling the necessary components (whether free or as blobs) into ready-to-use installations takes a lot of effort and funding for such efforts is close to marginal, let alone other issues like the complexity needed to root many phones, if the tools needed to do it even exist.

Humanity itself is caring very little about a lot of important things. There’s a lot of pretending though, I supposed aimed at saving face. We pretend we care about ecology but mining is an outrageously polluting industry but as soon as our phone got slower we just buy another one cause they’re cheap. Apple is not better: if they cared they would still provide support for their first gen iPhone or they would release source code to help keep it updated. It would still be powerful enough to read emails and browse lightweight web sites.

There is no way to digital freedom without freedom in software and a necessary part of that freedom is having choices not tied to the whims of particular organizations. I believe re-implementing major platforms like Windows and Android is mandatory towards that goal.

Apple’s OSs -though widely used- have no monopoly excepting niche markets such as top-of-the-line phones and multimedia producers. Adding to that the complexity in re-implementing its systems, I see reverse engineering them is not as urgent as the other OSs I mentioned.