Go ahead and laugh about how I’m a conspiracy nutcase

Sometimes you feel something is not right: your girl isn’t answering your questions straight, your son dodges your eyes, your boss is unexpectedly quiet, your dog doesn’t seem happy to see you… Whatever it might be, you know something just doesn’t seem right.

You probably don’t have any kind of tangible evidence though. Your girl not answering your questions might just be her being particularly inattentive with no underlying issue. Your son might just be going through a phase. Your boss is choosing to place her focus in some peculiar tasks. Your dog… Wait, why is your dog not happy about seeing you?

Sometimes you just know it. This is not right. This isn’t normal. This isn’t healthy. This isn’t sustainable. She’s hiding something. He’s started smoking pot. She’s gonna fire you. He has cancer.

We humans have lost a great power still lingering within us: intuition. That inexplicable notion there’s something amiss, whether for good or bad. We still have it and -for some reason- I believe on the whole women are better at it than men. Still, it’s there on all human beings.

The world is not in a normal state. Sure, it might’ve happened before. Who gives a shit, I wasn’t alive back then. What I know with all the power my intuition grants me is we’re not under normal conditions. We are getting manipulated on all spheres of life: food, education, entertainment, economy, religion/spirituality, health, family, sex, habits, relationships… The list goes on and on.

There are conspiracies out there. Which ones are true and which aren’t is a task left to you, dear reader. The more you research and break through the mountain of bullshit, the more awareness we’ll all gain as a result. You’ll be able to compare your findings with those of other researchers like you.

I don’t believe in randomness. People with power abuse their power. The destruction the Western world is undergoing is not due to chance. It has been engineered. By whom? Go research and let me know about your findings.

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